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About Us

When you think of Ireland, you think of warm-hearted people, St. Patty’s or an immaculate countryside wrapped around cobble streets, riddled with pubs and infectious singing. When we think of Ireland, we think about a pool of ingredients swimming in a light and crispy pastry, forming our mouth-watering Guinness and beef pie. We think about the abundance of craft beers stocked in our fridges and the warmth of our staff. We think about Dropkick Murphy’s and creating an experience for you.

Situated at the heart of the Durban social scene, on the ever-buzzing Florida Road, Dropkick Murphy’s is dedicated to providing a truly Irish experience, from the frost that forms around our Guinness and Kilkenny taps right down to the artful combination of brick and mahogany.





You can find us at 219 Florida Road.
or call us on 031 825 1858.
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